Estate Planning, Trusts, and Probate

Estate planning is an important issue to every person.  We can advise you regarding options to transfer your assets and plan for your loved ones to be cared for as you direct after your death.  If you have recently lost a family member, you may need assistance administering his or her trust or estate.  We understand what a difficult time this can be and strive to guide you through the process with compassion and accuracy.  

Real Estate

Residential, commercial, sales, purchases, leases, land contracts, deeds, and easements.


We represent and serve businesses accross Wisconsin.  We can help you set up your new business whether it be a general partnership, limited liability partnership - LLP, limited liability company - LLC, corporation, or s-corporation.  If you are looking to merge businesses, sell or purchase an operating business, or exit or dissolve your current business, we can assist you with the process.  We can also advise you on business operations, trademarks, and collections. 


Attorney Amanda L. Wieckowicz also acts as a mediator to assist parties in finding mutually agreeable resolutions to legal disputes of all natures.  She has experience in resolving disputes related to probate, trusts, real estate, and business issues.